Friday, 7 October 2016

Quick Tip: Assign Same Resources to Multiple Activities in P6

Earlier this week someone asked me if they could perform a Fill Down with resources in P6 and when I said no, the next question was is there a way to quickly assign same resources to multiple activities? This quick tip outlines steps that answer this question.

Assuming we have the schedule shown in figure 1, you will notice each activity has one resource assigned (red circle) and we want to assign 2 other resources; Project Controls & Instrumentation Engineer to the Design and Engineering activities in addition to current resource, Paul Kim.
From the right navigation toolbar, click on the Resources... icon (figure 2).
This should open the Assign Resources dialog (figure 3).
Now select the activities you want to assign same resources to and in our example, that would be EC1000, EC1030, EC1050 & EC1160 shown in figure 4.
With these activities still selected, select the desired resources in the Assign Resources dialog as shown in figure 5 and press the Enter key.
Pressing the Enter key will assign the selected resources to the selected activities. Close the Assign Resources dialog and you should notice that our 4 selected activities now have the Project Controls & Instrumentation Engineer resources assigned to them as shown in figure 6.
That is all for today and I hope you have found this quick tip useful. Remember to leave a comment and enjoy your weekend.

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  1. The same way we could delete the resource assignment from multiple activities as well.just select the activities and right click< assign< resources< selct the resource and rather than addingbutton click on the remove button.